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starting March 29th for six Saturdays

brooke.THUMB.TITLEBuilding Emotional Understanding Parenting Class (Santa Cruz, CA)

“The Hand in Hand Parenting class completely BLEW MY MIND! I had no idea that I had the power to transform the quality of my home life and the relationship with my children by simply learning to listen to them differently. I have been given the gift of enjoying my children rather than fighting or constantly negotiating with them. I have come away from this class with a new confidence as a parent, even my perspective of others has completely shifted to a place of understanding and compassion. Forever grateful to our teacher Brooke!!!”
~ Jodi Vogel, mom of 2

you’ll receive:

• Six specialized lesson plans breaking down the causes and solutions for the most common parenting struggles like tantrums, crying, and aggression

• Six weeks of live in person instruction and support with Certified Parenting by Connection instructor, Brooke March. These classes are tailored to your specific parenting questions or dilemmas.

“I cannot say enough how doing the Building Emotional Understanding course has changed my life. There is an overall change where people are commenting on how much more comfortable in her own skin and content my 5 year old daughter is and how she has overcome her fears. Despite twice yearly visits to the coast my daughter was terrified of the sea. Through Special Time and Staylistening, she literally runs into the ocean now and we spend hours playing in the waves.”

you’ll learn
• The six tools needed to raise a happy, well-rounded child
• The common causes of crying and its benefits
• Why your child throws tantrums and how you can respond to them
• How your child’s emotions work
• How to heal your child’s fears
• How to help an angry child become playful and compassionate

“I took a Building Emotional Understanding class to improve my parenting. Little did I
know just how much it would improve my life. Had anyone ever told me that a different approach to parenting would make being mom more fun and help me to stand up and take action in difficult situations confidently, securely and bravely, I would have thought them joking This has been my experience, in less than 6 months.”
~ Tara McCay, Arizona

you’ll experience an opportunity to transform your parenting and your family
• Reduced parenting stress
• A warm cooperative family atmosphere you want to share with your children
additional perks:
• 9 instructional booklets on the most common problem areas
• 6 weeks of small in person classes to address your individual needs and challenges
• Receive insight and tools to deal with your family’s specific issues
• connect with other local families who are doing this work with their children, create a community and experience a new kind of support.

If you know you want to reserve a space in the class, please message me and you can reserve your spot by going to paypal and sending to a 100$ deposit.

The balance will be due 2 weeks before the class begins.
Cost is 350$ per person or 625$ per couple- (50$ is for materials.)

DATES: 6 Saturdays beginning March 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, and April 5

TIME: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

RSVP to reserve a spot and make your deposit to hold it via Paypal to

“Hand in Hand work with Brooke has been a turning point for our family. (And not just because we have our bed and bedroom back all night, every night, for the first time in 6 years!!!) My husband and I got to work with Brooke and then bring the tools back home. I can't say enough about doing this work as a couple in order to really share strategizing, practicing and then reflecting on how these tools really seem to meet a deep need in our family.”
~ Mom of 2 in Santa Cruz





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