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Partnering Well in Parenting: A Special Benefit Teleconference with The Couples Institute’s Dr. Ellyn Bader and Dr. Pete Pearson.

  • Why do we fight so often over things like bedtime schedules and nighttime routines?
  • How can couples talk about problems without creating tension?
  • Are there good ways to negotiate when we disagree?
  • How do we make time for each other?
  • Is there a way couples can approach parenting roles to reduce power struggles?

Patty Wipfler will interview these internationally acclaimed relationship experts on how you can strengthen your relationship with your partner. You’ll come away with tools to dissolve recurring parenting struggles, and reconnect with your partner.

You do so much for your children. Isn’t it time to do something for yourself and your relationship?

Dr. Bader and Dr. Pearson are known worldwide for their pioneering work in couples therapy, and are the founders of The Couples Institute in Menlo Park, California. They are frequently invited to speak at major conferences. Their book on couples therapy for professionals is used in graduate schools across the country. They have over 60 years combined experience in counseling couples and in training couples therapists, and even more experience being married to one another.

Dr. Bader and Dr. Pearson so deeply believe in the work of Hand in Hand that they are donating their time for this call to help Hand in Hand meet a generous challenge grant of $15,000. Your donations will be doubled until we meet the $15,000 challenge. You can help us change children’s lives while making your own parenting partnership stronger. Entry to this Teleseminar is our Thank You gift to you–join us to hear the thinking of international experts on how to partner well in parenting.

Note: You don’t have to call in to benefit! Everyone who registers will receive a link to the recording.

Thursday, March 20th, 6:00-7:00 p.m. Pacific Time

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We Can Stop Spanking

Together we can stop spanking and make sure that parents everywhere know how to build a healthy discipline strategy both parents and children will feel good about. Good limits are essential to raising children, but harshness and punishment are not. Join Robbyn Peters Bennet, founder of StopSpanking,org, and Patty Wipfler, founder of Hand in Hand Parenting as we move toward a world without spanking.

Thursday, April 3rd, 6:00-7:00 p.m. Pacific Time

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