Reaching Out to Communities In Need

Thank you for stepping up to help Hand in Hand connect with families in communities who might not otherwise get support.

Check your email for an important note about an early pledge for our fundraiser!

Beginning Wednesday, April 19th, Hand in Hand will be running a fundraising campaign to enable our Certified Instructors to reach out in places where families are struggling with much more than the already stress-filled job of parenting young children.


On Wednesday, April 26th, Hand in Hand will run a day-long “telethon” where Patty Wipfler, Founder of Hand in Hand, and many of our inspiring instructors, will be answering parent questions and providing real-time support and suggestions for their children's most difficult behavior. We will also hear from instructors about projects they have completed with hard-hit communities and projects they hope to have funded from this campaign.

How Can I Help?

#1. Tell people about the campaign. Send email messages and share on social media as well as in-person. Tell members of your community why Hand in Hand Parenting has been important to you, and why it's a worthy cause, especially now with all the demands on their attention and resources. So many of the problems we see in the world today could be prevented if every family had good information and the support they need.

#2. Encourage your community to attend the Parenting Q&A Telethon with Patty and Certified Hand in Hand Instructors from around the world. They can ask a question, or just take a few minutes to listen in to see how Hand in Hand works with parents and get a feel for the approach itself.

Want to Make Sure This Campaign Is a Success?

Join us on Facebook today for images and messages to share, and keep an eye on your email for more campaign details.


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