Recharge Your Parenting Energy

Fall Fundraiser: September 29 - October 2

Hand in Hand Recharge

A Virtual Retreat For Exhausted Parents

A feast of video trainings, workshops, support calls and live Q&A's.
Come for an hour, come for the whole four days - stop by whenever suits you best.
Drop all the balls, laugh, play, find space and refuel.

Feeling tired, hopeless, or resentful? Wouldn't it be a relief to take a deep breath and let it all go for a moment?

The past 18-months has forced us to be vigilant, flexible, and to deal with constant change and uncertainty.

If planning or staying on-task feels impossible right now, if it's hard to be hopeful and your energy feels like it's been zapped away, if you feel powerless and disconnected, from parenting, and life, then those burdens are taking a toll.

Join us.

The Virtual Recharge is about you as a parent, not about how to parent.
It’s a chance to step down from glitter watch, hand over screen-time patrol, let the laundry wait a little longer and focus on you. Fill up on connection, laugh a little, take a few hours to feel heard and supported.

No-one says you have to leave your house to attend, but you could!

After the last 18 months, you deserve a “mental timeout” for yourself.

We hope you take us up on this invite to refuel and recharge.

Say Hi To Your Hosts

Join Hand in Hand's founder Patty Wipfler and program hosts Emily Gray Murray and Kathy Gordon, plus a plethora of our global instructors as they share ideas, experiments and inspirations for nourishing yourself as a parent.
There will be opportunities to laugh and play, experiment, listen, hold space and offload, in open, supportive spaces.

Emily Gray Murray, Hand in Hand Instructor, Portland Maine

Emily Murray

Mom to two girls

Kathy Gordon

Mom to one son

Patty Wipfler

Hand in Hand Parenting Founder, 
and mom to two sons.

What's Included In The Recharge?

Here's what you can expect:

> A daily email message with the day's line-up

> Video trainings

> Interactive workshops

> Invites to attend 2-3 live Q&A calls with instructors every day

> Conversation Starters – places to wonder about and explore. Bring these to our group.

> Inspirational readings

> Instructor-led online support groups

> Additional tips, ideas and small actions to nourish yourself and recharge We will gather on Zoom and Facebook Live

Take back some time for you

Wondering if you should attend?

This conference will make a difference if you ever have thoughts like these…

"I'm not sure how much more I can take…"

"Urgh. Why won't they stop begging and pushing?"

"I just don't have the energy to set limits right now"

"I'm not sure how much more I can take…"

"My kids are so spoiled, entitled "(or fill the blank with your choice of negative trait.)

"II have so much on my plate and no-one ever helps."

"I just can't listen to one more complaint, one more whine or one more “it's not fair…” NOTHING is fair right now!"

"Why is parent so so HARD?!!!"

"I just wish my kid was a little easier to parent. I'm tired of battling. I'm tired of walking on eggshells. I'm tired of being the one holding everything together."

"I don't want to even think about everything I think I could be doing better right now."

"I need a break. But how can I even think about taking one?"

"I'm such a terrible parent. Why can't I just focus and keep it together?"

"I am just so sick of managing screen time…"

"I know exactly what my kid needs to do well, I know the tools, I know the tricks. I know the responses. But I just cannot make myself do them. It's just too much."

We know you love your children beyond measure.

And we also know there are days when you want to put a “Closed” sign on the door so you can take a much needed, very much deserved break from it all.

The Recharge Meets You There

Gain headspace, find some funny, lean on community

Recharge Daily Schedule

Day One

Topic: You are good Patty's Welcome Address – You are Good Action: Noticing Triggers Calls: 2 pm - Emily, 4pm -Kathy 8 pm

Day Two

Topic: Drop the burden Interactive Training: Dive in to Listening Partnerships Online Class: Listening Partnerships How-To Action: Offload the strain Calls: 10am - Emily, 9pm -Kathy

Day Three

Topic: Tools to make parenting easier Interactive Training: Find Your Funny – With Kathy Online Class: Adult Special Time – With Kirsten Nottleson and Blake Adams Action: Rediscover Laughter Calls: 10am-Emily, 9pm- Kathy

Day Four

Topic: Lower the bar Patty's closing appreciation Online Class: How-To Make Your Parenting Plan Action: Getting Support Calls: 10am - Emily, 1pm -Kathy

Most content will be available on-demand, support calls will happen live and are listed here in US PST times.
We will provide a local-time calendar for participants.

Join Recharge for As Much or As Little As
You'd Like

How long is Recharge?

Recharge is a 4-day virtual retreat.

It runs from September 29th at 9am PT to Saturday October 2nd at 2pm PT.

But think of it more as a buffet of support and activities – that is, you are welcome to drop by whenever suits you best. 

Drop in for an hour, or schedule out the whole four days. 

Watch one video or pop by the discussion group. 

Even if you do nothing more than read your welcome email or listening to one inspirational message, you have given yourself something – and that's the spirit of Recharge.  

We have tried to plan talks and support calls that will fit your schedule wherever you are located. And much of the content will be on-demand, so you can watch when you can squeeze in the time. And our group is always open and you are invited to stop by around-the-clock. 

 You can also give yourself the real  break you deserve by deciding when you will attend, and the type of events you most want to take part in. 

We know that parents are some of the busiest, most time-stretched around, and we wanted to make access at the Recharge as convenient as possible.

Come say hi!

How good would it feel to have people in your corner?

Uplifting content

Receive encouragement

Nothing asked of you

Rediscover fun and laughter

Forgive yourself

Explore anger, anxiety and tiredness triggers

Find companionship

Give yourself permission to take care of you

Invite calm and lightness

Take a brain break and preserve your mental well-being

Offload feelings of heaviness, desperation and unfairness in a safe space

Be appreciated for all that you are and all that you do

“Exhaustion keeps parents from remembering to take care of themselves, to ask for help, and to drop unworkable expectations of themselves. Instead, they answer every problem by working harder, isolating themselves more and feeling guiltier.”
Patty Wipfler
Founder, Hand in Hand Parenting
How Much Does Recharge Cost To Attend?

If you've ever attended a four-day conference or intensive, you know events like these can run pretty high.

When you sign up for Recharge you have daily access to at least: 


1 Q&A a day

1 Webinar

1 Support Call

1 Workshop

+ plenty more conversation, community and support for your work as a parent.

So, how much do you think this is worth? We have seen similar events charge upwards of $250 a day. After all, that's a lot of support and contact. And compare. At Hand in Hand, a consultation runs at $130, classes are $50-60. So, $250 seems reasonable. If you haven't attended an intensive like this, think about what you might spend on a night away in an airbnb or hotel. Or a day at the spa or a weeklong retreat. That's upwards of $50, at least. Probably closer to $100, or even $200. 

What would you be prepared to pay for Recharge?

We ask because we are delighted to offer all of this support at a donation YOU CAN AFFORD. That's right. We believe that parent support should be available to all parents, and we are running Recharge as a fundraiser.

Donate what you can. Support others as you get support yourself.

Hand in Hand Parenting is a nonprofit supporting parents when parenting gets hard. The connection-based tools shared by Hand in Hand are trauma-informed, backed by brain-science and, perhaps most importantly, build strong parent-child relationships that help families thrive.

Your gift will:

Give free places in classes for parents who are trying their best to do better

Train more instructors who will bring these tools to wider communities and who would not normally know about Hand in Hand and kind, connected parenting.

Fund our groups and membership

We're thrilled to offer Recharge in return for your donation. Please give as much as you can

“I just want you to know how much I appreciate your foundational work for women, parents, men, children and a society in constant crisis.”
Shan Lovell
The retreat was AMAZING. So much love, so much good intention, so much effort. My biggest take away: my efforts count. Everyday, every play, every stay listening, every Listening Partnership, every limit setting counts. We the parents are working towards a better world. It doesn't look nor feel glamorous. But IT ALL COUNTS
Isil Gülin Yilmaz
Hand in Hand was something that I wish my father had to give to me. Without a doubt, I know that I would be a totally different person if my parents knew the information that Hand in Hand teaches
Shawn Lovett
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