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We will provide you with research updates as they are published.

Pamela Oatis, MD, analyzed the impact of Hand in Hand’s six-week introductory class for parents in a research poster using data from 250 English-speaking and 72 Spanish-speaking parents.1 Hand in Hand completed a feasibility study in 2019 through a Frontiers of Innovation grant and the Center for the Developing Child, Harvard University, to be followed by rapid-iteration pilot studies on our 6-week curriculum in 2020 and 2021.

And a qualitative analysis of a four-year research project teaching Hand in Hand Parenting at Northwest Indian College was conducted by Shelley Macy, ECE Faculty, and published in the Mellon Tribal College Journal.2

1. Oatis, P., Wipfler, P., Klorer, M., McKitrick, T., Canterbury, E., Roe, J., & Buderer, N. (2014). Listening-based parenting strategies promote stronger parent-child connection. Research poster presented at Mercy Children’s Hospital, Toledo, OH. See also: Oatis, P. (2014). Research Results Show Hand in Hand’s Building Emotional Understanding Class Strengthens the Parent-Child Connection, Hand in Hand Parenting. Please note: the 6-week class, formerly named “Building Emotional Understanding,” is now called the Hand in Hand Starter Class. It is the same exact curriculum.

2. Macy, S. (2015). Our precious babies: What our children can show us about supporting them and one another in early learning settings. Mellon Tribal College Research Journal, Volume II, 1-30. (author affiliated with Northwest Indian College.)

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