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Philosophy, Approach, Tools Our Philosophy Humanity is elevated when parents and children grow naturally into leaders who are inspired to solve problems creatively, nurture cooperation, show others compassion, and build thriving communities. The global problems


Partners Your partnership helps provide high-quality support to thousands of parents, educators, and healthcare professionals caring for children around the globe. Caring for children is emotional work. There are many ways to join us in

Emily Murray

Kris Kohlmann

Hi, I’m Kris Kohlmann, I’m 46 (in 2024), and I’m the ND mom of two incredible ND kids (all of us are diagnosed with ADHD), a daughter, who is now 12, and a son, who

Emily Murray

Kim Green

I live in rural North Central Washington near a beautiful lake with my husband, two young boys, and German Shepherd. I have been a public school teacher since 2006, teaching mainly middle school language arts,

Elle Kwan

Parent Club Community

Hand in Hand Parenting Parent Club Community What if you knew how to transform your child’s behavior today… and every day? The Parent Club Community gives you direct access to Hand in Hand Instructors every

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