A Unique Way to Set Limits That Kids Really Listen To

Confidently stop defiant behavior

With this simple approach, there's no need for rewards, consequences, yelling or punishments. You can lead with calm authority and gain your child's co-operationeven if you've tried everything you can to deal with defiance.



Certified Hand in Hand Instructor

Kathy Gordon has been teaching parents how to practice peaceful, conscious parenting for over a decade. Kathy lives to bring parents and their children closer. Her strategies will help you reduce stress and reconnect with your kids. 


A 3-Step Strategy for Setting Limits

Developed over 30 years and in line with the latest brain science.

Join us live on January 12, at 1pm pst (9pm UK, 8am AEST (Wednesday).

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What you'll learn:


In this free class, certified instructor Kathy Gordon shares a powerful mindshift that reveals why mainstream limit setting ultimately fails you and your child. She'll reveal a new way to view limits in line with positive development.


In under 60 minutes, you'll learn the difference between a workaround limit and a true limit, and why knowing that difference is vital. You'll also reset why, when and how you set limits, so that you see many more wins when you set a limit.


Watch as Kathy demonstrates the three connected steps you need to set limits in a relaxed, positive way. You'll also hear why this 3-Step Strategy works like nothing else - even with persistent, strong-willed and spirited kids.

"We all put toys away, relaxed and connected so that it felt like a good time together. What a discovery!"

"Now it's not a struggle to have her hand over her electronics to us when we ask. I also feel that now we are more connected and having fun together."

Feel closer to your child, without losing your authority

As you refine the 3-step strategy and use it regularly, you'll know exactly what to do in your child's defiant moments, with fewer battles and without yelling or punishment.

Say goodbye to frustration, exhaustion, and rage. Move from a confrontational relationship with your child, to connected and warm - a place where they can truly listen and co-operate.

You'll relax and enjoy more good, loving times with your child.

Join us on January 12th at 1pm PST/ 9pm UK / 8am AEST (Weds)

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