Special Time-a-thon

You know Special Time is wonderful for your child and a great way to help them soak in your caring attention, but paying undivided, enthusiastic attention to a child is hard, especially now with all the increased demands on your energy the last year has required.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a cheering squad at the ready when you need a little boost to get in more Special Time?

Now you can share the joy–and struggle–of Special Time with your friends and family and raise money so more parents have access to the tools and support of Hand in Hand Parenting.

It's time for the Special Time-a-thon!

YOU: Sign up below and commit to a certain amount of Special Time you are going to give your child during the month of May. Don't go wild, set a realistic goal for the amount of quality attention you can share with your child and if it's 3 minutes a day, that's fine! Do what you can do.

FAMILY and FRIENDS: Tell your family and friends what you're doing and why. Use this email text as a starting place if you like. [LINK] You'll ask them to make a donation to Hand in Hand to support your efforts. (A set amount? $1 a minute? It's up to you!) You'll keep them updated on your progress through the month and they'll be there to encourage you.

Then grab your timer and get ready to have some fun!

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