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How To Help Your Child Overcome Fear Using Play

By Andrea McCracken My daughter was 7, nearly 8, and developing more concerns about the world. At bedtime, she would lay quietly and think about the mysteries of illnesses, aliens and other potentially scary things. They

Play Away School Stress?

    By Andrea McCracken When my 5-year-old started kindergarten, she would come home from school day a tightly wound and prone to crying. She seemed to be letting all her frustrations and bad feelings

How To Connect with your Quieter Child Through Play

Does one of your children tend to get heard more than the other? Perhaps one is older and more dominant, and younger eager to please. Perhaps one is extrovert, always talking, and the other is

Hidden Triggers Reveal Why I Get So Angry

By Andrea McCracken I had been parenting my daughter for 5 years and stay listening with her for 3 years before I realized the importance of being listened to myself. During this time, I noticed

Sometimes the Answer Just Has To Be “No”

By Andrea McCracken As parents, we often fight with the idea of saying “no” to our children, especially if it means a big upset in public. But sometimes the behaviour that is driving us batty is

Why You Should Let Them Cry Before Bed

By Andrea McCracken   Usually my 3-year old daughter is quite agreeable and adaptable but she had been showing off-track behavior at bedtime for a few nights. What does off-track behavior look like? Playing at

Light in the Dark: Helping Your Angry Child

Earlier that night my daughter had shown us some big feelings by screaming and crying when I set a limit for no more cookies.  Now, even though it was late and much past her bedtime,

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