Hand in Hand’s Newest Instructors

Welcome, Hand in Hand Parenting’s New Certified Instructors 2017 We are so delighted to introduce to you our newest Certified Instructors of Hand in Hand Parenting. Each of them has done wonderful work in listening, connecting, and using the tools … Continue reading

What If I’m Just Not A Playful Parent?

“Play with me?” That one question is asked at least 100 times a day in most houses, by kids to their parents. Time and time again we hear that play improves connections. Greys Anatomy-creator (and former workaholic) Shonda Rhimes did a … Continue reading

Vaccination Fears? Play Can Help

By Muftiah Martin Our family recently traveled and we had decided to get some vaccinations for our 3 ½ year-old daughter. We needed three shots over three visits. My daughter had never had shots before, but the first time went beautifully, probably … Continue reading

Bedtime Fears: Two Games to Help

    A guest post by Claire Rosina Separating at bedtime has been a struggle for our 2-year-old for quite some time and I have done a lot of Staylistening with him on this emotional project of his. But lately, … Continue reading

How Does Hand in Hand Work in Therapy?

In many parenting programs, rewards and punishment reign large. So an approach focussed on connection and listening offers therapists a refreshing change. Hand in Hand’s five empathetic listening tools form an approach that “can be described as a relationship-based, emotion-focused, trauma-informed … Continue reading