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Kids and The Art of Travelling With Them

Packing Schedules Meltdowns New foods, new people, new places, new things Traveling with kids brings a whole suitcase full of the unexpected! It’s easy to forget how special traveling with kids can be, amid the chaos and confusion of going away, so much so it can feel easier to say “we’ll just stay at home.”

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Why Telling Your Birth Story Can Help In Your Parenting

This week Elle and Abigail are telling their birth stories… Now, why would they want to do that? Birth can engulf us with emotions that linger way beyond the time our children are babies, but we rarely have an opportunity to talk about the feelings we had. What we felt then, how it shaped up

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The Politics of Parenting: Feeling Good About Your Role as a Parent

  If you read the title of our podcast this week and thought, “Huh? What does politics have to do with parenting,” you aren’t alone! Elle asks this too after Abigail gets an email about parenting feeling “radical.” Do we mean marching for rights, or championing parenting causes? Not exactly. We are talking about the

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when staylistening doesn't go as planned

Staylistening Surprises: When Things Don’t Go As Planned

If you’ve discovered the simple and seemingly radical tool of Staylistening – of staying and listening through your child’s upset – you may have been amazed by how your child recovers from that tantrum or meltdown and returns to brightness and easy co-operate. Or, you may have not! Surprise! Staylistening doesn’t always go the way

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What’s Going Well in your Parenting?

That’s right! What’s going well? It’s easy to tear yourself apart over parenting, questioning what’s going wrong, and becoming overwhelmed with doubts and disappointments. But this week Abigail and Elle  – and right in time for Valentines – look at the value of taking a moment or two to see what’s going good for you

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Making Changes: New Year’s Resolutions That Actually Succeed

It’s 2018 already! Happy New Year! This week’s podcast has a New Year’s flavor as Elle and Abigail talk about bringing change to yours and your family’s lives. What is the secret to making habits stick? Abigail reveals she’s big into studying how habits work and reveals the three-step process she’s used to help keep resolutions

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The Power of Rituals and Bringing Your Family Closer

It’s the season to be…making rituals? http://traffic.libsyn.com/handinhandparenting/Ep_9_Rituals_POST.mp3 What is a Ritual Anyway? Elle asks this week are rituals the same as routine and is implementing them just a lot of extra work? Abigail mentions some family rituals that may already be in place in a family and that will become meaningful even if they are (currently)

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Curb Off-track Behavior with A Secret Ninja Parenting Tool

This week on the podcast Abigail introduces a counter-intuitive ninja parenting tool! We talk about what offtrack behavior looks like early on, what it signals, and introduce a tool that helps when reasoning and requests don’t. Both hosts talk about the times they’ve used this tool with successful outcomes, even though it feels completely counter-intuitive at first.

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