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Special Time Helped Me Support My Son’s Big Ideas

I was on Special Time duty one particular weekend and had done 20 minutes with each of my younger two children. Next, it was my oldest son’s turn. He’s 7. Originally he’d said he wanted

Why Special Time Helps You and Your Tween

This week my 12-year-old son and I took a few days off school. He is recovering from a heavy cold and I took the time off to look after him. I was also hoping to

Why Do My Kids Cry After We Have Good Fun?

When I started using Special Time with my children they just fell in love with it. Special Time is a Hand in Hand tool that works like this: You set aside a certain amount of

A Guide to Letting Your Child Rule…

…Or What’s So Special About Special Time? Doesn’t it seem like children these days are just itching to gain power over you, all the time? If “Give me milk,” and “I want it now!” are

When Special Time got Me Soaked

I’d returned from a very rare trip to the hair salon in a good mood, and I found my son ready and waiting with a request to go out and play with his water gun.

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