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Special Time Helps with Teethbrushing

Whenever I caught a break from his rigorous brushing, I begged, “no more!” in vain. He would put more rigor into his brushing laughing and really enjoying this role reversal.

Pillow Fighting Saves the Day

I thought, “No, we aren’t going to be able to handle a big upset right now!” so I got her to let him go, and we kept on pillowfighting and wrestling for a long time–10 or 15 minutes.

Healing a Separation Trauma

When your child experiences a traumatic separation, there are simple, practical things you can do to help.

Emotional Project – Help for Nail Biting

I talked about nail biting, how I feel about it, and how I feel about my sons doing it. It felt to me as if nail biting was one of those habits that was almost impossible to shake off. I felt that my sons were doomed to live with the habit for the rest of their lives.

Talking Snow Boots

I asked her if she could tell me what was bothering her about the boots. She took the boots and threw them.

From Needing Gummie Gushers to Having Fun

The truth is that his mother really sticks to buying organic food most of the time and wouldn’t buy these gummie gushers; we are a little more lenient in letting my daughter explore some different foods once in a while.

Getting Dressed with Humor

Desperate, one day, to get my active and resistant 3-year-old dressed, I came up with this game.

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