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A Grandma Listens

The Daddy was trying to talk his daughter out of the tantrum, but our teacher kept gently reminding him that this was exactly what his little girl needed to do, and that she was smart to work on her feelings so vigorously.

One Dad Supports Another

“You know, my son is driving me absolutely crazy. He whines and whines and I just go up the wall. Sometimes I have to leave the room, ’cause I don’t want to hurt him and I’m going nuts. I just leave him alone when he does that.”

A Teacher Reaches Out

I just told them both that I was there for them and that it was okay to cry.

Let’s Connect!

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Helping a Child With Guilt and Fear

I sensed that she was being triggered by the memory of her sister’s serious fall. I followed her to her room, where she was hiding in the closet. I went in there to do Staylistening, but she wouldn’t look at me and wasn’t communicative.

Defusing Diaper Changing

She kept forcefully resisting me when I would try to get her lie her down on her changing pad.

Your Parenting Story Here

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The Healing Power of Parenting

Why was I plagued by thoughts of my less-than-ideal childhood when I should be enjoying my daughter’s happy one?

It’s All Connected!

This whole situation demonstrates so clearly how the listening tools in Parenting by Connection all work together.


I needed him to cry for me.

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