When Kids Words Hurt

a guest post by miranda fairhall “She’s viciously swearing, venomously shouting horrible things” I explain to my Listening Partner. I am relating the story of my morning; a repetitive recurring interaction between me and my 6 year old daughter. I … Continue reading

Ever felt ‘Not Good Enough’?’

    A guest post by Skye Munro of Nurturing Connections Recently I had the privilege of sharing my passion for connected parenting with over 200 Early Childhood professionals. But right until they entered the room I was plagued with … Continue reading

Helping My Toddler with Her Fear of Dogs

After the incident, my daughter refused to go out of the house for the next couple of days. She would start screaming as soon as I would open the door. I took her gently in my arms and showed her out the window that the dog was in the kennel now and then we went outside. She wouldn’t let go, she stayed in my arms. The next day again we went back outside, and I called the dog to let her see that the dog couldn’t get out of the run.

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The Benefits of Laughter at Bedtime

Contrary to popular belief we should actually wind our children up before sleep! Roughhousing, and lots of giggles, can help children release any stress or remaining tension from the day. It also helps to build the connection that children need to feel safe to separate from us and fall asleep.

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