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Reach Out To Your Family Over the Holidays and Feel Better

Laura Minnigerode on Listening Partnerships During the winter holiday season, I often feel overpowered with emotions about the past. While I cherish memories of being with my family, I feel out of touch and alone. We are separated by thousands of miles and communication styles. It’s hard to reach out. The feelings hit hardest on the

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Special Time Helps a Preteen Open Up

  By Sarah Charlton We had just returned from a big family wedding in another part of the country and even though it had been a really good trip, we hadn’t had a lot of connection time to ourselves. We were feeling tired, so getting my son off to school the following morning had been

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5 Ways To Play Away Parenting Struggles

Giggles and laughter are stress dissolvers, making play a great way to tackle many everyday parenting challenges. In her book Listen: Five Tools To Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges, Patty Wipfler lists Playlistening as one of five essential parenting tools for calm, connected parenting. When parents use the Playlistening tool, they act goofy, promoting laughter and

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What is a Listening Partnership and Why Do I Need One?

What is Hand in Hand Parenting?: Day 6 You’ve seen your children release their feelings of hurt and tension. They’re naturals! The minute something challenging happens, they dive right in to expel the tension. With a Listening Partnership, it’s your turn. So, What is a Listening Partnership? Listening Partnerships are simple to do. You choose someone

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Listening: One Simple Question that Blew My Mind

If you could have a break from parenting, what would it look like? “I imagined myself taking this long, unhurried walk by myself. I made up the scene as it came into my mind: How I would find this one, perfect quiet spot, and just sit there, noticing everything around me.”

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“Quit Being So Mad!”

My 10 yr old son and I can both be hot tempered, and I am a single parent. There is not another adult around to help me re-group, but there is always a listening partner, or at least their voice mail, just a phone call away.

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