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Putting Limits on Fear

I was sorry she was scared, but I wanted to find a way to encourage her back into living her life without her Mommy-as-security-blanket.

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Audio Interview with Patty Wipfler and Doug Noll

Here is a link to an interview with Patty Wipfler  (Hand in Hand Founder) and Doug Noll of lawyertopeacemaker.com. In this interview they discuss Parenting by Connection and its far-reaching implications for adults and society.  An interview every parent should hear!

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Setting a Limit Brings Healing

Before I learned about the Hand in Hand approach, I either forced them to take a bath, doing it as quickly as possible, or I avoided giving them a bath at all.

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A Bumpy Ride

…it even helped me, too, dispel the unpleasant memory of standing by powerlessly while she cried for me to help her.

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