The Power of Rituals and Bringing Your Family Closer

It’s the season to be…making rituals? What is a Ritual Anyway? Elle asks this week are rituals the same as routine and is implementing them just a lot of extra work? Abigail mentions some family rituals that may already be … Continue reading

How to Help a Grumpy Preschooler

  A guest post from Sabina Veronelli Do you sometimes feel like your child has suddenly become grumpy or distant, and you have no idea why? When pre-schooler Charlie starts ignoring his friends one day at preschool and seems distracted … Continue reading

Games to Help Kids That Won’t Nap

Dear Hand in Hand, I’m having real trouble because my toddler just won’t nap. He gets frustrated and annoyed when he doesn’t sleep, but as soon as I suggest nap time, he runs away. He resists and cries when I try … Continue reading