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Four Ways To Play To Boost Your Child’s Confidence

One summer day I was playing outside with a four-year old while his parents were busy. It was the first time that we had played together, so I didn’t know him well, but he was outgoing and I knew that he loved nature and insects, so we were having a good time exploring. His father

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How I Used Play to Help When My Child Was Fighting With Her Friend

Yesterday my 8-year-old daughter had a friend playing at our house all day. There were lots of arguments and power struggles over their play. It wasn’t going well. The other girl said that she wanted to go home a few times and both of them didn’t look like they were enjoying themselves. I was trying

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When Children are Focused on Winning or Losing

My 6 year old got his leg injured while he was practising sports. Unfortunately, the injury happened just before a school sport’s event and he was not able to fully take part in it, although it was clear that he certainly tried his best. However, after this, he became increasingly preoccupied with not having won

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8 Rules for Safe and Healthy Play [Infographic]

We know that play is a child’s work.The best play provides opportunities for fun, and also chances to build intelligence. Because good play has the power to help children laugh through fears and address their issues, and get connected to the people around them, g rough-housing games and physical play, imaginary play and roleplaying are

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Play Helped When My Child Acted Helpless

My daughter was a very capable girl at eight years old. She was smart, strong, clever, and so resourceful. But at the same time, she sometimes acted helplessly. As a single parent, it would drive me crazy when she needed help with the most basic of things. Sometimes, she would demand that I help her

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