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Rediscover the joy of parenting with connection


What if you had a step-by-step program you could use again and again whenever your child’s behaviors overwhelm you?

Give yourself five tools...


What if you had the tools and support you need to parent from that place in your heart that feels warm and good…

…that shows you how to respond calmly and confidently to your child when they meltdown…


…reminds you of all the good work you do as a parent

…and inspires you to keep putting connection first


so that your relationships feel nurturing and strong from the core?

If that sounds as good as cool cucumber slices on tired eyes, read on. 

"The content is life-changing and wonderful. In addition to the parenting-by-connection perspective, it is unique in it's application as opposed to just preaching a philosophy without practical application. As a parenting philosophy, it's the most holistic I've found, in that the emotional well-being of the parents are valued as much as the child's."
Kristen Heron

You know that parenting with connection makes sense...

Does Hand in Hand Parenting resonate with you, but you  feel like sometimes you default to old parenting habits, or do you second-guess these strategies when your child digs in their heels or gets upset?

Maybe you have been using Hand In Hand for a while, and could use a refresher on getting the best from the tools?

Do you find thoughts like these running through your mind:  

Imagine knowing how to confidently use the tools to handle your child’s big emotions and upsets, without losing it, bribing your kids or constantly giving in?



A step-by-step program
that guides you through each of the Hand in Hand tools, so that you feel
confident raising your children using this science-backed approach,
known to increase confidence, resilience and compassion.

Use it anytime you need a refresh on how a tool works,
and anytime you need a little hope and inspiration for
parenting by connection.
...Because every day in parenting brings new challenges.

Refresh your Hand in Hand Parenting skills

After Refresh you will:

Be able to cycle through all the tools to confidently to handle your child's challenging behavior with warmth and connection.

Understand your child’s repeated need for limits, and know how to set limits that build cooperation.

Use emergency strategies for the times you are all out of patience.

Play more, laugh more, and enjoy sweeter moments with your child, every day.

Feel good about yourself, your child, and your parenting, even in hard moments.

Always have a go-to resource you can use whenever you need a reminder about how to use the tools, the brainscience behind them, and to recall why they are effective in building strong, nourishing relationships.

What's Inside Refresh?

5 Lessons, 5 listening tools

Making the Hand in Hand Parenting tools your go-to response becomes easier, and helpful in almost every parenting situation that crops up, whether you are running late, dealing with tantrums, or need help with your strong-willed child.

Your own dedicated classroom and simple, accessible lessons on-demand, always.

Return to your classroom again and again as you build a solid foundation in Hand in Hand parenting. Each module focuses on one tool, why it works, when it works best and how you can apply it in your family. 

You'll have lifetime access to articles, next-steps plans, videos, and Question and Answer recordings, so you always have a place to get re-inspired about the pioneering approach you are taking with parenting.

Library of printables

Like charts, fridgelists and scripts? You'll find them all inside.

Take a deep dive into five empowering tools that have been transforming families globally for over 30 years...

Module 1: Special Time

Module 2: Setting Limits

Module 3: Staylistening

Module 4: Playlistening

Module 5: Listening Partnerships

Whether you’re just starting with Hand in Hand Parenting or you already love the approach and want to be more consistent in using it, this program is for you.

Research shows that a solid parent-child connection results in confident kids who make smarter choices, not out of fear of punishment, but because they are deeply connected, feel valued and trusted. Hand in Hand Parenting is one of those few programs in the world that focuses solely on building that connection, with powerful, practical tools that help you meet your own needs as well as your children’s.

But since most of us didn't grow up being parented with such connection and compassion, parenting this way can feel hard. It takes time and support to step away from old, reactive patterns, like yelling, timeouts or consequences, and practice to use new tools. 

Refresh offers you a roadmap.

Are you ready to use a warm, caring and respectful approach that supports your kids in the way they need, helps you manage your emotions and creates a house full of giggles and connection?

When you jump into Refresh you'll regularly put the tools into action. Your children will see the change in the way you show up, with firmness and kindness. 

You'll have good knowledge on why defiance, tantrums, crying and anger break out, and tools you can use in the moment to stay calm and in control. 

The gift of your warm attention and support will guide you every day as you cycle through all the tools consistently to build closeness and cooperation. 

Ready to jump in?

Get started today.

You'll receive Refresh as a thank you for 

for your donation to support Hand in Hand Parenting's work with families.

Your gift is used to keep scholarships,  resources and training freely available for all parents.

Does that sound like a positive ripple effect you can get behind?

Donate and Join Refresh

$ 00
One-time donation
  • 5 Modules
  • Additional video content
  • Lifetime access to your Refresh classroom

Donate and Join Refresh

$ 11
One-time donation
  • 5 Modules
  • Additional video content
  • Lifetime access to your Refresh classroom

Donate and Join Refresh

$ 33
One-time donation
  • 5 Modules
  • Additional video content
  • Lifetime access to your Refresh classroom

Donate and Join Refresh

$ 55
One-time donation
  • 5 Modules
  • Additional video content
  • Lifetime access to your Refresh classroom

Your dollar donation helps in so many ways.


Why you should donate?

Your dollar today nurtures parents as they begin connected parenting, giving them tools and support. After that? There’s so much still to do. Donations fund scholarships and free classes. We also need gifts to fund teacher training and curriculum that will realise the dream of creating more trauma-informed classrooms.


Where do your dollars go?

Unlike other global nonprofits, we can afford to pay just 8 core staff to run the organisation. Your dollars help fund even small daily initiatives – like paying instructors to moderate our free Facebook support group, and sponsors outreach for parents. We may be small, but you help us be mighty. That's why even $1 counts.


Past gifts that keep giving

In the last 10 years, your gifts have helped fund programs in underserved communities, with teenaged moms, with incarcerated parents, new immigrants, adoptive families, and in schools. Hand in Hand has helped thousands of families grow all over the world. Your gifts help us keep programs free or cost-friendly for all parents.


Did you know? Hand in Hand Parenting is a 2021 Great NonProfits top non-profit award holder.

Connection is more important now than ever.

A kinder, connected world begins with kinder, connected families. Parent in a way that builds deep, lifelong connection with your child.

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