Dads Make a Difference: The Importance of Fathers in Helping Kids Flourish

child and daddyFathers – or fathering figures – face a common set of challenges in family life. Sometimes, these challenges can be overwhelming, but in each of these challenges lies huge opportunities for fathers to grow. Listen as Patty Wipfler and Chris White, founder of Essential Parenting, talk about the importance of a father’s role in raising confident, smart, and playful kids.


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We have tons of resources for dads on Hand in Hand. Here are four links to kickstart your parenting by connection. For more, just put “dad” in the search box.

  • If outside work takes you out of the house, it can be hard to feel wanted and involved when you get back. Here's some awesome ideas for keeping your clan close: Fathers are Primary Parents
  • For help when your child only wants mom 
  • Support from other dads
  • Want to understand better just what your child needs emotionally? It's all here in this set of booklet.





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