Los Altos, CA
Parent; Managing Partner, Los Altos Advisors, a strategic
advisory firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area providing strategy and
business development consulting services for early stage and multi-national
technology companies focused on the internet, consumer and software as a
service areas.

Parent; Founder of Hand in Hand Parenting, creator of Parenting by Connection.
Serving parents and families for decades through education, training, support,
and consulting. Member of the Program, Marketing, Fundraising, and Executive

Marin, CA
Parent; First real estate professional in Northern California to be awarded the LEED-AP designation; Background in Economics and Financial Analysis.
Member of the Fundraising Committee.

Palo Alto, CA
Parent; executive background developing growth strategies for online 
products and leading teams to execute releases and create exponential 
user and advertising revenue growth, had lead responsibility at Microsoft 
for product management and planning www.msn.com and MSN video 
properties, including www.video.msn.com. Chair of Marketing Committee.

Eugene, OR
Parent; social media and online community consultant, 15 years industry
experience in utilizing social media to create, grow, and sustain community.
Member of the Marketing Committee.

Palo Alto, CA
Parent; executive background in marketing and strategy, Hand in Hand 
Instructor in English and Spanish. Chair of the Fundraising Committee and member of the Marketing Committee.

Berkeley, CA
Parent; Product Manager at Intuit, a financial technology firm dedicated to powering prosperity for small businesses and consumers. Enjoy building teams that take new products from inception to market. Member of the Hand in Hand Marketing committee.

Parent of two young children; 14 years of experience in marketing, e-commerce, and strategy for a national home furnishings retailer, as well as a consultant for social enterprise businesses and e-commerce companies. Member of the Marketing and Fundraising Committees.