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Los Altos, CA

Parent; Managing Partner, Los Altos Advisors, a strategic advisory firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area providing market, business, and corporate development for early stage technology companies.

John is the father of three daughters and lives with his wife, a Certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor, Suzy Heltzel, LCSW.

Patty Wipfler is the author of the book Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges with co-author Tosha Schore.

Patty was born, raised, and educated in California, graduating from Occidental College, and is the mother of two sons. The focus of her life's work has been teaching basic listening, parenting, stress-reduction, and leadership skills to parents.

In 1989, Patty founded the non-profit Parents Leadership Institute, which evolved into Hand in Hand Parenting. As Director, she has written 14 booklets, produced numerous videotapes and audiotapes, and has written over 100 articles for Hand in Hand on the principles and benefits of Hand in Hand Parenting. These  booklets have sold over 1 million copies in English, Spanish, Chinese, Romanian, Hungarian, and Japanese.

Patty Wipfler’s articles have been published in Mothering Magazine, the Bulletin of Zero to Three: National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families, Child Welfare News, and in many local newsletters for parents. She has been a keynote speaker at Association for the Education of Young Children conventions in Chicago and Philadelphia, and has done workshops and trainings throughout California, and in Oregon, New Mexico, Texas, and Massachusetts, as well as in Beijing, China.

Patty lives with her husband in Palo Alto, California.

San Jose, CA

Parent; Technology executive by day; family and marriage therapist evenings and weekends. Lead data, research and product organizations since 2000 at large tech firms (Yahoo, Microsoft), research firms (Ipsos, Kantar) and smaller, innovative companies. Mental health and parenting advocate. Member of the Research and Program Committees. 

Eugene, OR

Parent; poet, author, and social media and online community consultant, 15 years of industry experience in utilizing social media to create, grow, and sustain community. Leads the Marketing Committee and is the Secretary of the Board. 

Palo Alto, CA

Parent; executive background in marketing and strategy, Certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor in English and Spanish. Chair of the Fundraising Committee.

Shirley, MA

Parent; CPA and Chief Financial and Technology Officer at Montachusett Home Care Corporation. Kim is Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee.

New York, New York 

Parent of two young children; 14 years of experience in marketing, e-commerce, and strategy for a national home furnishings retailer, as well as a consultant for social enterprise businesses and e-commerce companies. Member of the Marketing and Fundraising Committees.  Aanchal is Vice Chair.

Maya Coleman, Instructor on Hand in Hand's Professionals Intensives courseWashington, D.C.

Maya is a Parent, a Clinical Psychologist, and a Certified Hand in Hand Instructor. Here is what she says:

“As a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Washington, DC, I work with families of children who have had challenging early experiences including pre-term birth, perinatal complications, early illness and medical treatment, developmental challenges, and attachment disruptions. I enjoy working with families formed in a variety of ways including through adoption, foster care, and kinship care. I also have a background in Special Education and Learning Disabilities and enjoy supporting parents as they navigate accessing early intervention resources for their children.”

Maya lives with her partner, daughter, and their 3 dogs. They are a multiracial adoptive family. Chair of the Program Committee and Research Committee.

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