Board of Directors

John Heltzel

Los Altos, CA

Parent; Managing Partner, Los Altos Advisors, a strategic advisory firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area providing market, business, and corporate development for early stage technology companies.

John is the father of three daughters and lives with his wife, a Certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor, Suzy Heltzel, LCSW.

Ken Mallon

San Jose, CA

Parent; Technology executive by day; family and marriage therapist evenings and weekends. Lead data, research and product organizations since 2000 at large tech firms (Yahoo, Microsoft), research firms (Ipsos, Kantar) and smaller, innovative companies. Mental health and parenting advocate. Member of the Research and Program Committees.

Kim Sanderson

Boxborough, MA

Parent; CPA and Chief Financial and Technology Officer at Aging Services of North Central Massachusetts.

Kim is Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee.

Maria Chew

Maria Chew is a Hand in Hand instructor and Early Childhood Educator. Hand in Hand tools have transformed her parenting and teaching. As a parent and teacher educator, she has seen how transformative these tools are. Maria is quite fond of non-profit board leadership and is currently serving as the chair of the Program Committee.

Ron Meiners

Eugene, OR

Parent; poet, author, and social media and online community consultant, 15 years of industry experience in utilizing social media to create, grow, and sustain community. Is the Secretary of the Board.
Teresa Kelleher

Palo Alto, CA

Parent; executive background in marketing and strategy; Certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor in English and Spanish. Chair of the Fundraising Committee. Passionate about supporting families and building community.

Patty Wipfler

Palo Alto, CA

Patty was born, raised, and educated in California. She is the mother of two sons. She has centered her life’s work on teaching parents the importance of connection, listening, their work as parents, and how parenting with Hand in Hand principles and insights can build their leadership and their children’s sound judgment. In her first fifteen years of working with many hundreds of parents and children throughout the US and abroad, she was instrumental in developing and articulating the Hand in Hand Parenting approach.

In 1989, Patty founded the non-profit Parents Leadership Institute, which acquired the name Hand in Hand Parenting in 2004. As Director, she wrote 14 booklets, produced numerous videotapes and audiotapes, and has written well over 100 articles on the principles and benefits of Hand in Hand Parenting. She has spoken widely for over thirty years, written articles for magazines and journals, and trained nearly two hundred Hand in Hand Instructors who teach and practice this approach on five continents. Her booklets have sold over 1 million copies in English and many other languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Romanian, Hungarian, Hebrew, Japanese, German, Norwegian, French, Sammi, Dutch, and Farsi. The Hand in Hand archives contain over 3000 anecdotes on the benefits of the Hand in Hand approach, written by parents from many countries and cultures who have resolved a wide variety of parenting issues using the approach.

In 2016, Patty Wipfler and her colleague Tosha Schore, M.A., co-authored the book Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges. It has been translated into Chinese, German, Romanian, Hungarian, and French, and in English, it is available in paperback, digital, and audio formats.

Patty lives with her husband in Palo Alto, California, and enjoys supporting her three young adult grandchildren as they build their life’s work. She sits on the Board of Hand in Hand Parenting, and continues to write and support its work and fine leaders.

Aanchal Gupta

New York, NY

Parent of two young children; 14 years of experience in marketing, e-commerce, and strategy for a national home furnishings retailer, as well as a consultant for social enterprise businesses and e-commerce companies. Member of the Marketing and Fundraising Committees.
Ashley Nartey

Ashley is an early childhood educator, director of diversity, equity, and community at an inclusive preschool, and an adjunct lecturer. In addition to these roles, she is currently pursuing her PhD in early childhood education and education leadership. Ashley’s research interests include culturally responsive leadership and supporting diverse children and families in early childhood settings.

Colleen Ottoson

Seattle, WA

Parent; Associate General Counsel – Research and Innovation at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Member of the Research Committee.

Development Committee
Negar Zahiri

Recognizing the compelling need to create public awareness of the strong link between early life experiences and lifelong health and wellbeing, Negar transitioned from a decade-long career in the financial investment sector to focus on advocating for infant and early childhood mental health.

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