Today, you don’t have to be a social psychologist to know about the consequences of disconnected youth. Every community has its share of heartbreak, revolving around dropout rates, drug abuse, violence, and suicide.

Behind each headline is a shattered family. Behind each statistic is a child who grew from vulnerable to hardened and lost. These tragedies cannot be confined—the ripples are felt throughout society. They are costing us greatly in lost lives and billions in dollars.

But there is hope.

Relationships that are ‘connecting’ and allow for collaboration appear
to offer children a wealth of interpersonal closeness that supports
the development of many domains, including social,
emotional, and cognitive functioning.
Daniel J. Siegel, 2001

Children, like all humans, are hardwired to love and be loved. Hand in Hand’s Parenting by Connection approach helps families from a wide range of communities to build or strengthen the all-important parent-child connection.

Research proves that a solid parent-child connection builds children’s social, emotional and cognitive functioning. Hand in Hand Parenting is one of those few programs around the country, and in the world, that focuses solely on that connection. By supporting parents emotionally and providing practical tools for the emotional support of children, we help parents strengthen their parent-child connection.

When parents follow our approach, their children make smarter choices, not out of fear of punishment, but because they are less stressed, more connected, and attuned. Their children also build confidence in themselves, which allows them to act from their own values and not those of their peers.

The challenge of strengthening families and reducing family stress is real. And so is the solution. At Hand in Hand Parenting, we’re committed to changing the world of parenting.

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