Hand in Hand has helped thousands of families grow closer all over the world. But
our impact is felt far beyond the walls of individual homes. Each time a parent-child connection is strengthened, that child is better equipped to face life’s challenges.
Studies show that a strong emotional bond between caregivers and children is a
child’s best defense against drugs, violence, and other societal ills.

“Your method…helped us connect with her during a
critical time in her development when she could have easily
become more isolated and disinterested in other people.”

Vanessa Guardini, mother of 3 ½ year old with autism

In a recent survey, our parents reported a 98% satisfaction rating. Of these, 31.5% told us that our program was transformational, making a huge difference in their relationships with the children and in their families; 39.3% let us know that our programs were very good and met their immediate needs; while 24.4% told us our program were satisfactory and gave them additional information to use.

“I am consistently astonished by the
results of using the Parenting by Connection
approach with my kids.”

Adrianne McCurrach, mother of toddler boys with ASD

Every year, we serve thousands of individuals in over 29 countries for less than $1.25 a parent, and provided direct services to over 11,183 parents in 2012 for about $35 a parent—changing lives of moms, dads, and children forever for less than the cost of a night at the movies? Imagine!

“I am so much more aware of the
importance of eye contact and how
good it makes people feel.”

Laura Ossa, Preschool Parent Co-Operative Director

Today, the Parenting by Connection approach is used by teachers, therapists and community leaders throughout the US and internationally.

For more in-depth stories of parents who practice Parenting by Connection, go to our blog or click on any link below to read what parents, teachers, and partners have to say:

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