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Your donation changes lives by giving parents and teachers tools to reach children with the compassion and security they need to overcome difficult circumstances and recover from early adversity.

If you believe every child deserves to feel secure, supported and protected, please give today.

Hand in Hand Parenting is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to Hand in Hand Parenting are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Hand in Hand Parenting’s tax identification number is 77-0234719.
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What can connection do?

For three decades, Hand in Hand Parenting’s trauma-informed approach has contributed to children’s well-being and recovery from adversity. This pioneering work is now recognized with an evidence-based designation from the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs so Hand in Hand is able to provide professional development to early care and education professionals on the frontlines of the mental health crisis.  

Please give generously to bring support & connection to early-childhood communities.

When my son was a newborn we couldn't lie him flat for the first 6 months of his life. I couldn't leave him for a microsecond. As a new mum I was utterly overwhelmed by him and his needs. I couldn't meet them and meet my own basic needs.

After 4 months I discovered Hand in Hand Parenting. I won't say it was easy, but it got easier with practice.

Now he is 16 months and everyone – I mean EVERYONE – tells me what an amazing child he is. “So chilled.” “So easy going.” We have a beautiful bond that I absolutely treasure and we laugh and play and have so much fun.

I recently heard about the idea of “holding space” for someone and it occurred to me that that's exactly what Hand in Hand Parenting is all about. Holding space for your child and trusting in their inherent good nature. You would never guess we had such a challenging start to our relationship. I can see my son blossoming and I beam with pride and I'm so grateful to have had access to Hand in Hand when I did.
Karen H.

Your donation helps in so many ways.


Why you should donate?

Your donation today helps Hand in Hand create a broad-scale community-support model for early childhood communities. Your gift will train and mentor Certified Instructors who bring these tools to parents and educators, partner with professional, academic, and public health organizations, and aggressively grow a scholarship fund.


Where do your dollars go?

Unlike other global nonprofits, we can afford to pay just 8 core staff to run the organization worldwide. Your dollars help fund everyday initiatives to larger research programs, like our Early Pilot Study, which is estimated to reach 600+ familiesWe may be small, but you help us be mighty. That’s why even small dontions count.


Past gifts keep giving

In the last 10 years, your gifts have helped fund programs in underserved communities, with teenaged moms, incarcerated parents, new immigrants, adoptive families, and in schools. Hand in Hand has helped thousands of families all over the world. Your gifts help us keep programs free or cost-friendly for all.

Did you know? Hand in Hand Parenting is a 2022 Great NonProfits top non-profit award holder.

Your donation is more important now than ever.

Studies show that a strong emotional bond between a child and just one caregiver is a child’s best defence against drugs, early school drop-outs, violence, incarceration and other societal struggles.

Your gift today increases the chance that children get that bond. 

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