In partnership we can meet the challenge and transform families!

Our talks, workshops, and resources demonstrate the power possible when we work together:

Kristen Volk, Parenting by Connection, Denver, CO

Collaborating with partners like therapy practices, preschools, or family resource centers allows Hand in Hand Parenting to share ideas and strategies that can be used to solve the mounting challenges families face. Together we are able to offer a continuum of services that span a broader spectrum of needs within parent communities.

As a professional also working with adults…your
approach and philosophy has been highly
effective. Thank you for your generous giving
of information and support. It’s unusual and heartwarming.

Professional Family Counselor 2013 Survey

Guiding Principles

Hand in Hand is actively seeking to partner with groups and organizations focused on families, supporting parents, and providing solutions to one of the core issues that can cause dis-connected children—lack of strong parental relationships.

Ways to Collaborate:

Classes and Custom Programs

Hand in Hand works with other nonprofits, schools, mothers groups, day care centers, family therapists, and many others to deliver the information designed specifically for the client population. Please contact Michelle Pate, Program Manager, to discuss a program and solution that is right for your clients.
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Community Talks

Whether we are talking at a local library, day care, or community center, the subject is chosen to touch on the needs of your parent community.
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