Discover an approach that supports professionals and the families they serve.

Explore a paradigm-shifting approach on how emotions function and how to respond to them in order to shift challenging behaviors, increase connection, and foster cooperation and growth. 

Learn trauma-responsive caregiving tools that strengthen the social-emotional foundation necessary for children’s growth, learning and healing from old hurts, and disrupt the transmission of trauma to the next generation, as well as supporting the adults who care for them. 

The approach is distinctive in that support is also extended to professionals to alleviate stress and challenges posed by the unique challenges involved in this kind of work. 

After the training, organizations will share a greater understanding of the effects of trauma and emotions on behavior, and feel confident using an accessible set of effective tools in their work. 

Your approach and philosophy has been highly effective. Thank you for your generous giving of information and support. It’s unusual and heartwarming.

Professional Family Counselor 2013 Survey

Who Is Hand in Hand's
Training Best suited to?

The Hand in Hand approach has been found useful for many family-focused groups and organizations, including:

  • Family counsellors and therapists
  • SEL learning specialists
  • Educators
  • Daycare workers
  • Doctors, nurses and other hospital care staff
  • Foster Care services
  • Mother’s groups
  • Community care workers
  • Youth and social care workers
  • Nannies and childminding specialists
  • Coaches and youth leaders
  • Settings that provide care in underserved communities
Don’t see yourself on this list? Contact us to discuss how we might best serve your team. 

What learning outcomes are expected?

During this program of training your team will:

  • Recognize the way early hurts and traumas impact the emotional system and identify the ways it registers in a range of behaviors
  • Develop a trauma-focused lens to reflect on current practices in your organization’s service delivery and within the larger area of your field of work
  • Access a proven and reliable set of tools and practices that improve outcomes for children and families who are struggling 
  • Use this awareness to adapt the way that service is extended in your organization or practice in a way that promotes connection, healing and growth
  • Connect and grow as a team, while implementing a shared knowledge and drawing on the support offered intrinsically within the framework of the approach

Team members will also access a rich resource library with curriculum, materials, and parent education tools to be shared with families you serve. 

Positive Outcomes

Hear how these tools positively impacted a child's outcomes

Patty Wipfler, Founder of Hand in Hand Parenting

How is Training Delivered?


  • Hand in Hand training is delivered by a Certified Trainer. 
  • Courses are most often offered online and we can also discuss in-person offerings. 
  • Trainings can be adapted, but are usually delivered in 8 modules. 
  • Participants are also invited to access a rich resource library, with research papers, follow up articles and a discussion groups. 
teacher with kids after taking Hand in Hand's trauma-informed training

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