Guide to Children's Anger

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reaching for your angry child

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Upcoming Event

Join Instructor Stacy Wilson for a weekly skill building class. This class is for parents who have previously taken a Hand in Hand Starter Class with any instructor. We'll spend time swapping listening time and diving into the tools more deeply. No long term commitment needed, you can purchase 1-4 sessions at a time and use them when its convenient for you. Click image for more details.

Upcoming Event

“This course has helped me see my children differently, and frankly - love them more. I can really see the good in them. Instead of seeing willful defiance, I'm seeing a child struggling. Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing my failure as a parent, I'm seeing a woman who is really trying her best. It changes everything. I feel a new lease of life as a parent. Katy is a truly brilliant instructor. She is clearly so dedicated, so in tune, so thoughtful, so caring. She really held the space in such a calm, loving way. And I feel changed by this experience. She has given me such an incredible gift as a parent.” Click image for class details.

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