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Tired of Power Struggles? Ready for Some Peaceful Cooperation?

Learn a simple way to set limits that you can start using today to build cooperation and helpfulness in your family.

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Upcoming Event

The exhaustion that comes with parenting is a very real challenge. Join Megha and learn the skill of listening to each other to support your family and community from the mental fatigue of parenting in the pandemic. We will be exploring the tool of Listening Partnerships and learning to listen without offering advice!

Upcoming Event

This class is for anyone who has ever felt exhausted, daunted, exasperated, isolated and any other feeling in between as a parent. You’ll be given the tools to deal with those challenges and be supported in expanding your parenting tool box! Click for more details.

Upcoming Event

"A life changing experience" says one mother of Madeleine's Hand in Hand Starter Class. Learn what drives your child's behaviour, and concrete, parent-tested tools to set limits and build closeness and connection in your family. Get Personalised Support to help you set limits, build co-operation, and get the fun back into family life.

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