The Professionals Intensive in Hand in Hand Parenting

Are you a Professional who would like more resources to support the parents you work with? Then the Professionals Intensive in Hand in Hand Parenting Program is for you!

The Professionals Intensive in Hand in Hand Parenting. Trauma-informed, social-emotional caregiving program that aligns with therapeutic goals. CAMFT CEU approval #142145.

The Next Session begins the week of June 21, 2021.


Guide to Children's Anger

Get our FREE guide and learn where your child's anger comes from, and how to parent calmly through their aggressive outbursts and upsets .

reaching for your angry child

Tired of Power Struggles? Ready for Some Peaceful Cooperation?

Learn a simple way to set limits that you can start using today to build cooperation and helpfulness in your family.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Event

Hand in Hand Dads Connect is a space for men to gather every other month to share our stories, listen to each other, ask questions, and learn what we have in common. It is a space for you to bring your worries and fears, as well as your successes and passions. We are here to remind each other that we are not alone with our struggles.  Facilitated by Hand in Hand Parenting instructors Tom Anderson and Blake Adams with the support of Hand in Hand instructor candidates David Cales, Keith Geiselman, and Evangelos Raptis.

Upcoming Event

In this FREE class, we look at why kids don't listen and what we can do. This situation can go from frustrating to a pulling your hair out experience as a parent. We need to be able to communicate with our kids, it's important that they listen to us so, what can we do about it? How can we get our message across without losing our minds and damaging this very important relationship.

Upcoming Event

Are you starting to see some new ‘attitude’ or feeling your child withdraw or suddenly blow up? Have you been wondering how to use the Hand in Hand tools as your young one turns into a tween? Join Instructor Kathy Gordon as we work our way through the video Course, “Raising Happier Tweens”. We will explore setting healthy limits with your tween/teen. And how to stay connected, even as they seem to pull away.

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