Guide to Children's Anger

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Tired of Power Struggles? 

Ready for Some Peaceful Cooperation?

Learn a simple way to set limits that you can start using today to build cooperation and helpfulness in your family.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Event

This free online Masterclass is being led by Pamela Quiery, parent coach and mentor for parents of children under 8 years old who want to be gentle but find themselves overwhelmed and frustrated by their child’s constant arguments and intense emotions. Click for more details.

Upcoming Event

Join Instructor Stacy Wilson for a weekly skill building class. This class is for parents who have previously taken a Hand in Hand Starter Class with any instructor. We'll spend time swapping listening time and diving into the tools more deeply. No long term commitment needed, you can purchase 1-4 sessions at a time and use them when its convenient for you.

Upcoming Event

Are you exhausted with bedtimes that never end, frequent night waking and children up before dawn? How can we turn delay tactics, refusals and screaming into closeness and relaxation? We work hard and need energy to connect with our children and partner. Find out how to get more rest for everyone in this online, interactive workshop. Join Alison Kemi to learn practical tools you can use with children aged between 0-10

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