The Professionals Intensive in Hand in Hand Parenting

Are you a Professional who would like more resources to support the parents you work with? Then the Professionals Intensive in Hand in Hand Parenting Program is for you!

The Professionals Intensive in Hand in Hand Parenting. Trauma-informed, social-emotional caregiving program that aligns with therapeutic goals. CAMFT CEU approval #142145.

The Next Session begins the week of June 21, 2021.


Guide to Children's Anger

Get our FREE guide and learn where your child's anger comes from, and how to parent calmly through their aggressive outbursts and upsets .

reaching for your angry child

Tired of Power Struggles? Ready for Some Peaceful Cooperation?

Learn a simple way to set limits that you can start using today to build cooperation and helpfulness in your family.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Event

Would you like more cooperation and laughter in your family? Do you need some fresh strategies to bring consistency and harmony to your home? Would you like to learn how to respond to tears and tantrums? Are you having problems with sleep, food battles, sibling rivalry, aggression or clinginess? Join me from the comfort of your own home for this six week online Hand in Hand Parenting Starter Class.

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