Guide to Children's Anger

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Tired of Power Struggles? 

Ready for Some Peaceful Cooperation?

Learn a simple way to set limits that you can start using today to build cooperation and helpfulness in your family.

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The Hand in Hand Parenting tools have helped our family with sleep, tears and tantrums, separation anxiety, aggression, clingy and whiney behaviour, teethbrushing and dressing struggles, mealtimes, toileting and the overwhelming feelings that come with parenting. I would love you to join me on Zoom on Fridays at 1pm UK time and support you to transform those tricky situations in family life, strengthen your connection with your children and build your support systems.

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Do you ever wish that your child had arrived with a ‘How To Parent Me’ manual? Are there sticky parenting issues that crop up, again and again? Or have you entered a whole new stage with new issues that you’re not sure how to navigate? The five Listening Tools that we share with parents are easy to learn and hugely effective. They have transformed lives around the world, helping parents to connect well with their children, bring more play and joy into their lives and guide their children towards ever greater emotional resilience.

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