Special Time with Both Parents Makes for a Happy Daughter

We set a timer and let our 3-year-old know we were all her's. She was in charge and we were ready for whatever kind of play she wanted.

We had an opportunity while our son was away to give our 3-year-old daughter some Special Time with both parents! She really relished in this. We set a timer and let her know we were all her’s. She was in charge and we were ready for whatever kind of play she wanted.

Special Time ParentsAt first she wrestled us and, of course, we let her win and fell dramatically. We played a game we call, ‘That’s My Child’, where each parent attempted to ‘steal’ her from the other so we could have her all to ourselves.

Then she had us lining up pretending to be reindeer pulling a sleigh. She was riding the daddy reindeer and bossing us about. Then she told us that she was the baby reindeer and snuggled between us while we nuzzled and stroked her.

We played with her for half an hour, really pouring on our love and letting her be in charge. She took up the space beautifully and took in all of our warm attention. When the timer went off we finished and thanked her. She then got to do one-on-one swimming with her dad.

When she came home I had made a supper she would usually have turned her nose up at. She ate a lot! She even said, “This is yummy quinoa.” (A food she has always refused). She was so co-operative and sweet that evening. She even picked up cards her brother had strewn all over the floor and went to bed without any fuss.

It goes to show how beautifully easy-going and co-operative children can be when they feel filled up with their parents’ love.

Messy Loud Real-Life ParentingDo you want more suggestions on how to use Special Time? Check out our free video series. In the first video, you’ll get a step by step guide to using Special Time and some fun examples of what it can look like. Get your videos now.

Certified Parenting by Connection Instructor, Roma Norris— Roma Norriss, Parenting by Connection Instructor


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