Assisting Children in Your Office or Hospital Setting – Replay

Listen in now and learn how Dr. Pam Oatis, and Pediatric Registered Nurse Brooke Batchelor use practical, and powerful listening tools in their work with children and families. These tools help them gain patient cooperation more easily, work more efficiently, and bring greater happiness and calm to the work they do.

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Beth Ohanneson“Most importantly, perhaps, is that Hand in Hand Parenting emphasizes the value of emotional release more than any other orientation I have ever worked with.  Gestalt technique does come to mind and other somatic orientations, but Hand in Hand elegantly weaves in the idea of regular emotional release with another person as an everyday need that we all have as humans.  It can be a big cathartic deal, or it can simply be daily trickles of grief or worry or joy or triggered memory that well up and out as part of what makes parenting such a juicy and joyful undertaking.”

~ Beth Ohanneson, M.S. M.F.T., in California

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