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Dear Hand in Hand Parenting

What's a listen book club-I read Patty and Tosha’s book LISTEN recently and found it really useful. I’ve been trying out some of the tools at home and have seen some big differences. My son loves special time, and is much more content now that we are in the regular habit of spending this time together, but i’m not as confident about how I should Staylisten.

I saw a post recently on the Hand in Hand site about Listen book clubs, and thought this might be helpful. It would be good to see how Staylistening has worked for other parents. What are the clubs and how do I join?

From, a ‘new adopter of the five tools.’

Dear New Hand in Hand Parent,

Thanks for buying LISTEN and putting your believe and effort into our approach. We’re so happy you found us and have reached out.

Listen Bookclubs are a way for parents to put the ideas from the book into practical motion. In our guide to starting a Listen Book Club, we suggest holding at least five gatherings – one for each tool. During these sessions, you might discuss the tool and your feelings about it. If you have tried the tool at home, a Listen Book Club is an ideal opportunity to talk about how you used it and how it worked, and explore the tool more with other like-minded parents.

Do you know others that have bought Listen? If so, why not suggest beginning a Listen Book Club with them, or put a post for fellow readers on your social networks.

You can download our complete guide on how to set up your book club here.

Join the Community

And don’t forget, if you want to deepen your experience of the tools and learn more about Hand in Hand’s approach there are plenty of ways to join the community outside of a book club.

Your son is clearly loving the extra connection that you are offering. We’d like you to be surrounded with support and resources, thoughtful discussion and easy access to our trained instructors as you move through the tools. Parenting is so much easier when you feel supported and listened to and when you have a strong knowledge of the tools to call on in difficult times.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Regular Free Parenting Calls: Our instructors share their deep knowledge of the tools and offer advice and resources in these free calls, scheduled throughout the year. Topics include solving sleep issues, separation anxiety and taming tantrums.  Check our list of upcoming calls and events here. 
  • Online and In-Person Classes: Our 6-Week Starter Classes are an ideal way to get to know us and learn how to apply to the tools to your own parenting challenges. You’ll focus on practicing one each week. Then come to your weekly support call for  personalized listening time to explore your triggers, plus Coaching to help you master the Tool for consistent effect results creating more peace and cooperation in your family. Find a class here.
  • The Hand in Hand Parent Club: Join Hand in Hand’s online Parenting Club Community. You do not have to do this alone.  Your membership gets you weekly live Q&A phone calls led by Hand in Hand instructors, exclusive access to our custom-created resource center, discussion groups and an instant online community. Get right to the heart of your parenting challenges and get the daily support you deserve – Explore The Parent Club here.

Enjoy the revelations on your Hand in Hand journey, and enjoy the extra time with your son!

The Hand in Hand team.

From the Hand in Hand Toolbox

Don’t have your copy of Listen yet? Read a chapter and buy the book online anywhere books are sold.

Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges

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