Day: October 12, 2016

Cum vindecam frica de separare – Healing the Fear of Separation (In Romanian)

In acest teleseminar gratuit, oferit in limba romana, Anca Deaconu si Irina Nichifiriuc, Instructori Certificati Hand in Hand Parenting, vor discuta despre modalitatile in care va puteti ajuta copiii sa faca mai usor fata schimbarilor si sa isi vindece fricile de separare, oferindu-va atat instrumente practice de parentaj prin conectare, cat si povesti personale, care

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How To Help Your Child Overcome Fear Using Play

By Andrea McCracken My daughter was 7, nearly 8, and developing more concerns about the world. At bedtime, she would lay quietly and think about the mysteries of illnesses, aliens and other potentially scary things. They must have churned around her head because she would come out of bed to talk to me about it, asking

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