“Am I a Useless Parent?” Why There is No Pass or Fail in Parenting

Am I doing ok in parenting?

Am I failing in this thing that matters so much?

Did I mess this whole thing up?

AM I A TERRIBLE PARENT?If you come in search of answers in parenting and you find an approach that speaks to you, do you feel a higher pressure to “succeed” – in the approach and in your parenting?

So many of us ask this! And, from reading your thoughtful posts and comments, we see many of us worry that we are failing in Hand in Hand, or failing in parenting as a whole.

Well, we have news for you, beautiful parents.

You are failing nothing!

Listen to Am I a Useless Parent?” Why There is No Pass or Fail in Parenting

Counting Wins not Fails in Parenting

This week Abigail and Elle are talking about how we should be counting our wins differently by creating a mindset that asks why and that can always be celebrated.

We talk about the magic in finding good parenting tools – and then feeling lousy when we don't or can't use them well:

  • What if you know it helps to listen to your child calmly when they whine but instead you get filled with rage?
  • What if you know it helps to set limits closely but you still yell them out from the other room?
  • What if you know that play helps you connect but you are just too darn tired?

Well, what if you started asking why those things felt wrong, or hard, or odd for you? And what if you could count that as your win instead?

Because guess what? You are never failing in parenting!

Join Abigail and Elle this week as they talk about addressing feelings of stress and failure in parenting, and how you can work past them. There's even a song about those horrible, no good, very bad days from Abigail!*

*If you'd like the full adult-only content, you can play Abigail's Poop Song here. Warning! It's for grown-ups only…

More Resources When You Feel You are Failing As a Parent

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