Emotional Projects: Working With a Child’s Rigid Behaviors

Upset girlJoin us this week for part two of a three-part series on emotional projects.

Last week Abigail and Elle got to talking about a child's rigid behaviors – those times when they get “stuck” on a certain behavior, be it eating, or dressing, or transitions, or seem to display every challenging behavior in the book often! Last week we revealed how in those times parents aren't dealing with a bunch of different, isolated behaviors, they are dealing with one: an emotional project.

What is an Emotional Project?

This week we define how deep-rooted fears cause emotional projects, and how parents experience them as well as children. And we guide you through using each of Hand in Hand's five tools – as and when you need them – to help chip away at the chunks of deep fear and uncertainty that display in an emotional project.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • How you can register and work through your feelings in an emotional project using the listening partnership, and why that tool is so crucial when we are tackling a prolonged period of emotion and big feelings
  • Why play is a go-to tool when times are very tough
  • How leaning into the resistance that a child shows during an emotional project is helpful
  • When and why you still need to set limits during emotional projects

Listen in this week as we decode the little-known, but oh so common emotional project, and learn how, ultimately, these times can be a unique way to build trust and connection, with yourself and your child.

The Hand in Hand Parent Club is a fantastic support if you are tackling an emotional project in your house. Drop by your private group daily for guidance with your own situation, to vent, or to request more resources. You also get this Setting Limits and Building Cooperation class free with membership – fantastic support if you are facing an emotional project.

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