When Your Child Won’t Go Anywhere Without You (Replay)

The feelings your child has about being away from you can show up as tears, or as hard-to-handle behaviors. But these feelings of separation anxiety are normal, and ebb and flow as your child grows—even well into the teens! And truth be told, sometimes we parents have to admit that we are struggling with big feelings about being away from our children.

But you don’t have to be “sideswiped” by your child’s big feelings when you say, “I have to go now”. These feelings can be acknowledged, anticipated, and effectively dealt with in ways that increase a child’s general confidence and willingness to separate from loved ones. And you can get support, knowing you have a plan and some tools to help.

Join Certified Hand in Hand Instructor Madeleine Winter for this webinar replay to help you understand how to plan for and handle big feelings about saying goodbye.

Madeleine loves to help: why not book a Free 20Minute Consultation, and she can help direct you to the best resources and support.

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