Support for your parenting: Here’s your free downloads

Thanks for joining Kathy – here are the downloads she promised.

Certified Instructor of Hand in Hand Parentinere are the downloads she promised:

You can download the Special Time chapter from the book Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges, and then get this Special Time Checklist PDF and get the most from this remarkable parenting tool.

And get support for yourself as a parent with this free guide to Listening Partnerships, right here

Then watch this video to learn more about how to let go of parenting stress.

Parenting is harder than ever at this moment. What makes it easier? Support, information, and community for your parenting.

Hand in Hand Instructors from around the world are volunteering their time to provide daily calls to help you and your family thrive in this stressful time. With calls and other free tools we're going to get through this together. Sign up for calls.

You can get all of that plus much more with Kathy in Hand in Hand's Parent Club. We'd love to see you there. Come join us. Learn more today.

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