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Summer’s Coming! Are You Ready? Strategizing for a Smoother Summer Using the Hand in Hand Tools – Presented by Kirsten Nottleson and Ravid Aisenman Abramsohn

4 Thursdays beginning May 9th, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM US Pacific, 12:30 US Eastern, 5:30 UK,


Summer can be a memorable time, but can easily turn into a three month nightmare…
Are you hoping for a fun summer?

Has it ever happened that you have dreams of a wonderful summer but it turned into a disaster just 2 weeks in?

Have you wondered, “why is everyone else is having their perfect summer” or “what’s wrong with me and my family?”

Are you worried about:
-Constantly hearing, “Mom/ dad! I’m borrred!”
-Traveling with your child and visits with family and friends
-Endless battles about screen time
-NO breaks for you as a parent, your child/ren needing so much of your attention
-Juggling the shift in routine, getting your work done and kids to and from camps or other activities
-Sibling or other social squabbles as they are together more with less structure
-Not having enough social engagement

How would you like to have a real plan for summer that meets your family’s need for fun and connection without leaving YOU overwhelmed and exhausted?

In this four week class for parents of toddlers through teens, we’ll help you take charge of your summer. We’ll give you loads of practical ideas, fresh perspectives, (and some helpful downloadables). We’ll share ideas for handling transitions, conflicts, meal times, and activities that build connection rather than frustration. We want to build your confidence in handling the chaos of summer.

You’ll walk away with ideas for how to set up your easy to implement weekly connection plan, which will allow you to feel more spontaneous. We’ll help you strategize the best ways to implement the Hand in Hand tools, in a way that feels good and respectful to everyone involved.

Over the course of 4 weeks, we’ll cover:
– Getting support for yourself – What do YOU need/ want?
– Letting go of the fantasy of perfection, embracing what is
– Using play and laughter to feel more connected to your kids, address power struggles, and reduce sibling rivalry
– Saying ‘no’ in a warm and loving way, without giving in to more: ice cream, money, screens, late nights…

Are you ready to join us for this fun class?
Let’s make this summer a summer to remember!!

Contact [email protected] to inquire about scholarships.



4 Thursdays beginning May 9th
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM US Pacific, 12:30 US Eastern, 5:30 UK,
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