Hand in Hand is a small, grassroots nonprofit. We rely on volunteers to support our efforts to reach parents throughout the world. Volunteer today to make a difference in the lives of families and gain valuable hands-on experience. Together we can change the world of parenting!

Hand in Hand is actively seeking volunteers for the following activities:

  • Translation work to increase the number of languages Hand in Hand articles and booklets are available for readers.
  • Editing services for our blog posts and articles
  • Volunteer Manager to help recruit, train, and manage volunteers
  • Researcher or graduate student to conduct program evaluations
  • Marketing professionals to assist in marketing, public relations or program outreach
  • Board members with experience in collaborative outreach and fundraising
  • Results oriented project managers for the Fundraising Committee
  • Database assistance to help with migration to new database

To learn more or to join us as a volunteer, contact Velma Gentzsch, Administrative Director.

[email protected] 650 322 5323

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