Guide for Helping Children with Aggressive Behavior

Aggressive behavior in children is not anyone's fault. Your child is not “bad” or trying to be “mean.” In fact, children truly don't want to hurt anyone else. They would much rather feel close, happy, connected, and have a warm, relaxed relationship with you.

We've put together this guide for anyone (parents, grandparents, teachers, babysitters, etc.) who wants to help children move away from aggressive behavior, resolve underlying issues, and have fun, caring relationships with others.

The Guide includes:

  • Our top podcasts on hitting, kicking, and biting, getting children to listen, how to handle tantrums and meltdowns, and more.
  • Video from Hand in Hand Founder Patty Wipfler on the causes of aggressive behavior in children.
  • Our most popular articles and blog posts giving your real-life examples of how to approach aggressive behavior.
  • Plus a free booklet download to help you with your child's upsets.


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