Ali Tepper

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Ali is the mom of a tender-hearted and imaginative boy and an effervescent and confident girl. Ali brings a Masters in Elementary Education and a decade-long career in education as a classroom teacher, educator trainer, and curriculum specialist with a focus on social-emotional learning and family life coaching. She lives just outside Austin in Texas Hill Country with her hubby, kiddos, and dog.

Ali has practiced Parenting by Connection since 2016 and has been a certified instructor since 2019.

“I believe that parents do the most important work this life has to offer while receiving little support and a whole lot of judgment. I’m passionate about sharing the magic that is the Parenting by Connection approach because it has offered me space to feel heard even in my hardest moments, and given me the strength to show up as the parent I always wanted to be. The actionable strategies aren’t quick fixes but ways to communicate with my children through love, laughter, and warmth. Every parent and child deserves that gift.”

Ali specializes in supporting new parents, infancy-early adolescence, and siblings. Reach out to her for a consultation or to learn more about the starter class at

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