Alison Kemi

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Alison found Hand in Hand soon after having her son. During an intense first year with feeding difficulties, very little sleep and a lot of crying, Alison spent months searching for ‘how to make the crying stop’. 

“The well-meaning but conflicting advice from friends, family and professionals left me feeling confused and a failure. One day, I gave up on trying to make it stop and started searching for ‘what to do when your baby cries’. Finding Hand in Hand Parenting changed a stressful, isolating experience to one of deeper connection with my son and other parents around me. Being listened to and learning to listen deeply helps me trust my own instinct on what is right for my family. The Hand in Hand tools have helped me to deepen the bond with my son and find more joy than I thought was possible in those early, difficult days.” 

Alison is passionate about seeing the goodness in children and their parents, no matter how tough things seem to be, and supporting them to find what works for their own unique situation. Before becoming a parent, Alison had worked for over 10 years as a primary teacher and holds Post Graduate Certificates in Social, Emotional and Behavioural Development and Physical Education. Connecting with children through play and listening to what is most important to them has opened up many opportunities for joy, fun and learning with family, friends and at school.  

“Parenting and family life can be enjoyable, fulfilling and interesting. We all deserve good support to make that happen and Hand in Hand has given me so much. It’s an honour to build support with other parents as we explore how to do this important and difficult job together.”

Alison trained as a Hand in Hand instructor during 2019/20 and can think of no better way of coping with family life in a global pandemic than to have the support of the Hand in Hand community to learn and practise these tools.

Here’s what parents have said about Alison’s classes and talks:

“I can’t tell you how much you have given me and my family. You’ve opened up a world of likeminded parents, you’ve given me time for myself, you have given me the most AMAZING support.”

“I really had started not to enjoy parenting and now I have so much joy for him. He’s a happier little boy.”

“I love the real life examples given – this brought the concepts to life and let me imagine how I could use them practically with my own kids.”


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