Amrit Khera

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

I wanted to raise my children in a loving, warm and nurturing home, filling their days with fun and laughter.  In reality I found myself with children showing me big emotions and displaying behaviour I simply couldn’t understand.  I felt exhausted, frustrated and alone.

When I found Hand in Hand Parenting, after searching for an approach that aligned with my parenting values, it was life changing.  I attended the starter class, I read articles, listened to Patty Whipfler and I began to understand what was happening to all of us in those red-hot moments.  

The big feelings and emotions my children express are both normal and essential to their well-being.  This understanding dramatically changed my interactions with my children and immeasurably shifted the family dynamic.  Not only did I have the knowledge and tools, but I also found support from a warm parenting community – I was no longer alone.

‘Hand in Hand Parenting has given me the support I needed to become a calmer parent and to enable me to nurture a solid connection with my children as they enter their teens.  The tools can be used flexibly and easily and there is a wealth of parenting advice and experience within the Hand in Hand Parenting Community which I am excited to share with other parents.' 

Amrit lives in Staffordshire, England with her husband, their two children and adorable dog. She is a doctor working in the NHS.


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