Belynda Smith

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Belynda is mother to two active boys aged seven and four, and is married. She lives in country Western Australia and home educates her children. She has been a full time stay at home mum for a long time, and prior to this was an English teacher, bookseller and Librarian.

Belynda first came to Hand in Hand Parenting after years of being a ‘gentle’ parent who followed attachment parenting advice. Parenting by Connection provided her with the support she needed to learn to set limits lovingly, and to bring her own needs into the equation. Her growth and learning thanks to Hand in Hand Parenting and Community Transformations (Australian provider of Parenting by Connection) has seen her become a passionate advocate for building parent support, particularly in the form of Listening Partnerships; these form the cornerstone of her own support network.

Belynda has a lot to offer parents who struggle with aggressive behaviour and/or sibling rivalry, having a great deal of experience with both.  She really understands how hard it is to reach for your angry child, and knows from experience how challenging it can be to overcome negative inherited patterns at these times. Belynda can help you get the support you need to connect well with your child.  She knows how challenging sibling rivalry and physical fighting can be. Belynda has successfully used play, connection building and the key Parenting by Connection tools to help her children have the best relationship they can.

Belynda has years of experience with sleep issues and is profoundly empathetic about how sleeplessness impacts your ability to parent well. She has faced the challenges of moving her children from co sleeping to sleeping in their own beds, as well as side issues such as weaning and helping them go to sleep alone. She fully supports families who love to co-sleep, and understands that when this works for everyone it is a beautiful setup. Belynda also knows how hard sleep issues can be on parents and understands why kids find sleep elusive at times. She can help you support your children to release the tensions that make sleep such a challenge for families.

Belynda knows how it feels to be overwhelmed and to feel helpless and despairing, and has come back from these feelings thanks to building a network of support, especially Listening Partnerships, to lead her family with confidence and love.  She can help you through these difficult feelings too.

Belynda also has experience with friends and family not understanding her parenting choices, and can help you find a graceful and loving way through differences with those around you.

To find out more about the classes and other support Belynda can offer you, please send her an email at


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