Chantal Harrison

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Chantal Harrison, Aunty Ask

Hi, my name is Chantal Harrison (She/Her) aka Aunty Ask. I am a mother of two and live with my children and husband in Sydney, Australia.  I wear many hats including Hand In Hand Parenting instructor and social media consultant, singer and writer. I run a youth theatre and do high school mentoring.

I have always been passionate about youth and youth issues, having been labelled the “naughty kid” myself growing up. Parenting only served to magnify my empathy for children and really, people as a whole. I see the wonderful change happening in the world and how our youth step into and embody it.

I’m clear on what a vitally important job it is to show up for these young people and raise them with empathy, connection and respect. I’m also clear on how freaking hard it is sometimes! My Hand In Hand Parenting tools have taught me exactly how to centre connection, though my humanness often gets in the way…  I love to help so please, Just Ask!


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