Helena Mooney

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Originally from England, I’ve been living in Oz since 2001 and am mum to a primary-aged daughter and a baby son.

When my daughter was 10 months old I realised I needed help.  She wasn’t sleeping much at night – I was exhausted, confused, teary and just thoroughly over it all.  I couldn’t understand why she was crying, why she wasn’t sleeping, and why she was ignoring my polite requests to stop hitting me.

Shortly after, I discovered Hand in Hand’s Parenting by Connection.  And what a HUGE relief that was.

I learned about meeting a child’s emotional needs, how to set limits lovingly and effectively, and how to help my daughter sleep through the night.  Incredibly importantly, I learned that I needed support too.

My relationship with my daughter changed – I felt more confident about what I was doing.  I used play rather than time-out or the naughty step.  I would support rather than punish her when she cried vigorously and had tantrums.

I became incredibly passionate to help other parents learn about these approaches and my desire is to support you with practical ideas and an empathetic ear.

  • I have experienced being the parent of a child who hits & bites, as well as who has been hit and bitten.
  • I understand sleeplessness – the challenges of bed times, sleeping through the night and transitioning from co-sleeping to their own room.
  • I really get how hard it is to listen to your child’s anger, frustration and rage.
  • I know what it’s like to be exhausted, upset, frustrated, angry, in despair and feeling everything is just too hard.


  • I have experienced the transformation of playful discipline, setting limits lovingly, listening to children’s emotions and providing the emotional connection that children need.
  • I have seen how relaxed, alert and peaceful my children are when they have had a good cry and released all of their horrible feelings.
  • I have felt the deep connection of being with my children when they have freely expressed their joy, sadness, anger, frustration and love.
  • I have felt how amazing things are when I get the support I need.

To find out more about Helena, you can email her [at Helena@birthandparenting.com.au] or visit www.birthandparenting.com.au and www.facebook.com/BirthandParenting.

Feedback for Helena from other parents

“Helena was fantastic, very warm, honest and openI could easily relate to her experiences and reveal & freely address my own emotions and experiences. The group provided me with extremely effective and useful tools that I could utilise in dealing with our family’s various emotions and difficult situations.”  Emma

“Fantastic practical advice. Helena was very understanding of all the different situations and gave a wonderful insight into how children think & behave” Camilla

“I really liked the honest straightforward information, with great practical examples & many wonderful games to try with our kids.  I would recommend this course to every parent.”  Erica

“Helena gave me practical tools I can use at home to help me connect and guide my children, without using shouting, etc.” Jane

“Helena made everyone feel loved and safe to share personal experiences and emotions.”  Craig

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