Julie Johnson

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Julie Johnson has been in the field of education for over fifteen years as a teacher, trainer, and researcher. She has a Master’s in Education with an emphasis in conflict resolution and peaceable schools. She has a young son and a preteen step-daughter. Over the course of her career Julie has set up conflict resolution programs in New York City public schools, taught humanities and history to both middle and high school students in New York and California, trained teachers and administrators in anti-bias education, conflict resolution and mediation, and social justice education. She has also led support groups for adolescents and new parents and has conducted research in elementary and secondary school classrooms in New York, Boston, and California.

“I have a passion for working with parents and believe that Parenting by Connection can fundamentally change children’s lives. I'm particularly interested in issues related to adolescents and infants, interpersonal neuro-biology, social and emotional learning, and teacher support.”

You may email Julie directly for more information about the classes and parent support she offers.

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