Lara Zane

Certified Instructor

Lara lives on the London/Hertfordshire border with her husband and her two sparky, energetic children. Before becoming a parent, she was a primary teacher and was fascinated by neuroscience, child development and learning. When her son was born in 2010, followed by a daughter in 2013 Lara realised that however much theory you know, nothing can prepare you for how amazing AND relentless life as a parent can be! She quickly discovered quite how important good information and support are and how much harder parenting becomes if we are unable to access these.

Lara came across Hand in Hand Parenting in 2017 when her children were 6 and 3 and was excited to find a connection-based approach that was both flexible and straightforward to use. She says:

“I jumped right in to experimenting with the Hand in Hand tools and found that they helped us with all sorts of difficulties, from fears and aggression to sleep and sibling relationships. It felt almost magical how simple changes in the way I responded to my children when they were having a tough time led to really clear shifts and ever better relationships between us. Family life is so much more rewarding now.

Like many parents, I found the concept of Listening Partnerships really challenging at first but I am so glad I stuck with it. This tool has been such a great way to access support while making changes in my parenting and dealing with the inevitable ups and downs of life.”

In 2019 Lara became a certified Hand in Hand Instructor. She loves working with and supporting others in learning to use this approach and deeply understands that every family is unique. She is passionate about helping parents get the information and support they need to make their family life more connected and enjoyable.

Her areas of special interest and experience include working with children who are highly sensitive, spirited, intense, anxious or aggressive and also those who show signs of giftedness/HLP, learning or sensory differences.

Here’s what parents have had to say about Lara’s classes and talks:

“I have loved this. I came away feeling calmer and supported and reassured… Lara has been clear, warm-hearted and very convincing as she totally believes in Hand in Hand but doesn’t push.”


“The course was super accessible and explained so well in a very easy to understand way.”


“She was excellent. Very responsive.”


“I found it highly informative and also very healing. One thing I have really struggled with is taking on how other people think I should parent, and it was refreshing to stop and think about what works for my children and to hear about a different approach, which falls in line more with how I want to parent and most importantly how I feel my children need me to parent.”

You can contact Lara by email: or through her Facebook page

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