Louise Durrant

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Louise is mother to two children, who were aged 7 and 4 when Louise was introduced to Hand in Hand Parenting in 2014.

Becoming a mother has been a profoundly life changing experience, which has brought enormous joy, fulfillment and deep wellsprings of love into my life. It has also challenged me beyond what I ever dreamed was possible. From early on in my parenting journey I frequently felt torn apart by the demands and seeming impossibility of parenting my children in the way I felt they (and all children) deserved. Alongside my highest aspirations, dreams and ideals sat the inescapable reality of how relentlessly difficult it was, how little support there seemed to be available to me, and how easy it could be to feel like I was failing.

When I came across Hand in Hand, the approach resonated strongly and immediately. I felt that this was what I’d been looking for since the birth of my first child. Deeply respectful towards both children and parents, the listening tools are also accessible, easy to use and powerful in their capacity to transform the lives of parents and children. I brought the Hand in Hand tools into both my parenting, and my work with pre-school children. I now can’t imagine doing either without Hand in Hand. Caring for children is hard and important work, and it still challenges me on a daily basis. But I now have a tried and tested tool kit, a wonderful support network and a subtle yet profound shift in understanding and perspective, with connection at the centre.

Louise works at a pioneering outdoor nursery (for 3-6 year olds), where all staff use the Hand in Hand listening tools with the children in the woods. Louise has worked closely with parents, staff and children to help embed Hand in Hand’s warm, respectful and effective approach to issues such as separation anxiety, sharing and aggressive behaviour,

Louise loves supporting parents to uncover and develop the skills they already have to help ease their parenting challenges and restore joy to the work of parenting. She is a passionate advocate of the benefits of skillful listening, and its power to bring deep healing and lasting change to the lives of parents and children.

Louise lives in Fife, Scotland, with her partner, children and cat. She has also trained and practiced as a homeopath. To refill her well Louise loves to dance and to spend time in nature. Contact Louise at [email protected]

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