Megha Mawandia

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Megha Mawandia was born and raised in Mumbai, India.
After working for 10 years she took a sabbatical to care for her child with special needs. The emotional journey of supporting her family brought her to Hand in Hand Parenting.

Megha is trained as a Parenting by Connection Instructor and social worker in child rights. She loves helping people explore their role as parents and helping spouses figure out a better balance as partners to their children. Having lived her life in a traditional Indian family set up, she often engages in debates on tradition and evolution. She loves traveling and meeting people from different cultures and experiences.

Join Megha for support in your parenting. You can sign up for a workshop on a specific topic like meal time challenges, sibling rivalry, working parents, setting limits, puberty or take part in the Parenting by Connection 6 week program. She is also available for individual consulting.

You can contact Megha by phone: 8898420416 or email:

or visit her online at: or on Facebook at: triyoke.india where she shares articles on conscious parenting from across the web.

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