Michelle Kokel

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Michelle has been involved with Hand in Hand since 2008 and has experienced firsthand how the Parenting by Connection tools and philosophy can enrich an entire family.

She enjoys helping parents learn how to navigate conflicts playfully and to feel good about setting and holding limits while maintaining a focus on connection. Michelle’s interests include working with adoptive families and helping parents connect with kids who have experienced disruptions in early attachment relationships and other forms of developmental trauma.  She is also passionate about supporting parents as they work through the early hurts that sometimes get in the way of being the parent they hope to be.

Michelle and her husband Tom are the parents of two school age children. She has a PhD in molecular genetics and has taught neuroscience at the college level.

You can read about Michelle's use of Parenting by Connection with her family on our blog. And don't miss her article Helping My Son Stop Hitting His Siblings.

Michelle is available for talks, classes, and parent consulting. You can connect with her by email.

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