Noémi Ambrózy

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Noémi is a mother of two hearing-impaired children, originally an architect and interior designer. With the birth of her children, she found herself in a very different life, than she imagined, so changed her career path. Helping people was always near to her heart, and she was always happy to support people in whatever their need is. 

She came across Hand in Hand Parenting when she needed support the most: when they received the diagnosis of their first child. She needed to feel like she had the space and time to fall apart week after week, while the learning and logistics issues piled up on the other end. She needed to feel the invisible supportive community behind her in her daily life, and that what was Hand in Hand support groups were giving her. 

Hand in Hand Parenting for her is thus not only a set of tools but also the promise that the solution exists within everyone. This is what she wants to pass on to the parents who work with her. As a professional, she works with the losses and specific challenges of everyday life (frequent doctor visits, children with sensory disabilities, institutional challenges), as a certified Grief Educator she supports all her clients with grief awareness.  

Everything she learns she looks through the lens of how can we build up ourselves from our inner strength, with the non-judgmental, loving support of the community. 



You can email me at [email protected]

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